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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Kaija Freborg RN, DNP


lnfertility is the inability to conceive a pregnancy. Not being able to conceive or carry a child is a devastating reality for many women. Infertility causes both physical and emotional stress that can make it difficult to cope. A literature search revealed the need for a support group for fertility patients to share their journey to decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety. A proposal to develop a support group supported by a Reproductive Endocrinology Department will be explored. The proposal will describe benefits of a support group, integrating cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation and Mindfulness techniques to promote self-soothing and stress reduction. Watson's Theory of Caring will be utilized as the framework for the creation and development of the proposal for the support group. A metaphor of a ship sailing through uncharted waters includes key concepts of hope, caring, and healing. Nurses will be integral in providing a caring presence through a therapeutic environment of support. Through the experience of exploring one's fertility journey in a support group could reduce stress and decrease the risk for depression and anxiety for women trying to achieve pregnancy.


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