Date of Award


Document Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

First Advisor

Lisa Van Getson, APRN, DNP, FNP-C

Second Advisor

Susanne M. Cutshall, APRN, DNP, CNS

Third Advisor

Michelle Ullery, DNP, APRN, CNP


The purpose of this scholarly project was to address the clinical questions “Does mindfulness meditation help rural emergency department nurses prevent and manage symptoms of compassion fatigue?” A pre and post survey was given to all participants, and it was discovered that mindfulness meditation was time consuming and not easily able to complete in the ED so instead mindfulness breathing was demonstrated and utilized by 17 participants. The findings showed evidence that mindfulness breathing did help a majority with compassion fatigue in rural emergency department nurses and for those that did not find if beneficial for themselves would recommend to others.


SC 11.DNP.2023.Krotzer.JJJ