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Rosemary Link

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Anthony Bibus

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David Klaasen


The following historical study explored and analyzed the policies in child welfare from 1900-1999 with a special emphasis on the last twenty years. The research attempted to discover common ideologies from the last century and to compare and contrast modern day child welfare practices to the turn of the twentieth century child welfare practices. Using content analysis, this qualitative study examined historical and current documents in search of common factors in the last century in the field of child welfare mid the placing out of children.

The data revealed areas in the field of child welfare that have been present throughout the century and areas that have recurred time and again. Those areas are; The use of volunteers in this field, large caseloads, prevention, collaboration, confusing agencies within the system, removal from home based on income and the confusion over which agency has jurisdiction or responsibility. I believe if social workers are aware of social work's historical background it can help us in our current practice of working with families and the legal system


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