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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are all common diagnoses within the Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is an opportunity for collaboration between graduate nursing sfudents at Augsburg College, which is a small inner-city college, the Health Commons, which is a drop-in health center staffed by nurses, and community members in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood to address improvement in health, food choices, and socialization opporfunities for Somali immigrants. The purpose of this project is to develop relationships with Somali immigrant community members in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, Augsburg College graduate nursing students, University of Minnesota Extension Office dieticians and master gardeners, and Augsburg College faculty and staff in order to improve health through community gardening. The opportunity to utilize a plot at the Augsburg College community garden will be offered by word-of-mouth invitation, flyers, and phone calls to Somali immigrants who have shown interest in gardening through their participation at the Health Commons. Jrlola Pender's Theory of Health Promotion will be used as a basis for development of the project as well as a visual metaphor of the project as a whole. This paper includes a background of the Somali culture, conception and development of the project, the grounding nursing theory, the concepts of self-care, health promotion, and empowerment, and new and future nursing implications.


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