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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Susan O'Connor

Second Advisor

Vicki L Olson


This srudy investigated the cffectiveness of using a video modeling teaching strategy coupled with guided practice lesson to teach students on the autism spectrum (ASD) functional social skills. Four students and their parents or guardians elected to participate in this study. Interviews with parents or guardians were conducted to determine student's level of performance in l3 social areas. Sfudents then participated in social instruction using video modeling, particularly using to video "Fitting in and Having Fun", as a key strategy. Video modeling is a teaching strategy that involves watching a video that models a desired behavior then practicing the desired behavior. Field notes were taken by the researcher after each lesson and themes emerged from these notes. Post interviews were given after completing 13 lessons to determine the effectiveness of the strategy and themes emerged from the surveys as well as informal discussions with parents and students. The srudy determined the following: 1) Students with autism respond positively and quickly to the strategy of video modeling and that it is an effective strategy for decreasing undesired social behaviors and increasing desired social behaviors. 2) Parents of sfudents with ASD are seeking effective strategies for teaching social skills that can be easily implemented at home. 3) Students with ASD can depict appropriate social responses when acting out a scene and this activity can help them to further understand social responses in general. 4) Video modeling engages the student through the use of media which can be exceptionally effective when working with students with ASD.


SC 11.MAE.2014.Cleary.K