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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Susan O'Connor

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Donna Patterson


Hmong people have been living in the United States for over four decades, primarily in the States of California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, with fewer numbers in other parts of the United States. The Hmong came to the United States as refugees from Laos when the country was overtaken by the communist Pathet Lao in 197 5. The Hmong have made great strides in acculturating and assimilating into the new culture and society; however, a number of research studies have shown that Hmong students are struggling in higher education institutions in the US today. Upon entering the United States of America in early 1976, over 70% of Hmong refugees had no prior education in Laos or while living in the transition camps in Thailand. Despite the fact that some are struggling through their higher education, many have successfully attained degrees in their chosen fields and live prosperous lives. The purpose of this action research project was to understand the Hmong parents' view of the roles they played in their children's college education success in the US. This research was conducted with six maternal parents residing in the Twin Cities areas of Minnesota. Data was collected through six in-depth face-to-face interviews to gather the participants' views of their roles in their children's post-secondary education. The results indicated that the participants' high regard and high valuation of education, active involvement in the children's school activities, provision of financial support, and early reading to children, including while in utero, were important components that contributed toward their children's educational success.


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