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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Vicki Olson

Second Advisor

Gretchen Irvine


The purpose of this study was to look at engagement as a developing early literacy skill in small group and large classroom settings in two preschool classes. Specifically, this project considered the potential impact a small group reading club could have on three types of engagement behaviors preschool students may have in a large group setting: teacher to student, student to student and book to student. After twelve weeks of an additional daily small group reading, the morning preschool class had a larger number of responses in the posttest than the afternoon class, which did not have the additional readings. Other thematic findings showed how the power of the individual and the power of the group dynamic impacted the expressions of engagement in the small and large group settings. These findings have recommendations for how to utilize small group and large group shared readings effectively in similar types of preschool settings for students' early literacy development.


SC 11.MAE.2013.Kost.EAC