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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Donna Patterson

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Clif Lucido

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Dennis Greseth


Social skills are a major component of social development in elementary aged students within today's educational world. Current research suggests that a certain number of students do not respond to traditional teaching approaches targeted at remediating social skill deficits. These deficits frequently result in behavior problems, difficulties in peer situations, and not living up to their academic potential. Additionally, professionals in the field have discovered that when a socially struggling student is paired with an appropriate intervention, these obstacles can be overcome. The material in this report supports, informs,, and shapes the content and teaching strategies used in the elementary social skills workbook created by Nate Greene as part of the Leadership Application Project (LAP) through Augsburg College. Although research suggests resources such as the social skills workbook are effective in teaching students pro-social behaviors, future research will occur as student populations, disabilities, and behaviors continue to evolve.


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