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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Ron Petrich

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Jeanine Gregoire

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Chris Brown


Bullying is a pervasive problem with far-reaching consequences. While bullying reflects larger social issues, public schools are uniquely charged with mitigating bullying in order to ensure an optimal learning environment. Research shows that tools available and in use today do not consistently create a safe environment for students. In addition, parents, teachers, and staff charged with handling the problem of bullying are not always prepared to act effectively. This project represents an innovative, positive approach to bully prevention with a workshop for middle school students and adults involved with them. Middle school students, a target audience for this project, are at a critical juncture in identity and social development. Teens are highly dependent upon their peers and bullying peaks in grades six through eight. The Inner Circle workshop provides an interactive approach with a game format which could be a powerful addition to the current repertoire of bully prevention efforts.


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