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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Susan O'Connor

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Vicki Olson


Learning from birth to the age of five is critical for the development of literacy in children, as well as influencing the ability of children to have later success in school. Enrollment in a preschool with a structured literacy program is a way to enhance literacy in young children. It has also been shown that parental involvement in child literacy programs improve the educational benefits to the child. This study uses qualitative research based on interviews with parents of children enrolled in the SEEDS program at the Community Child Development Center in order to better understand their perspectives of the SEEDS program. This research seeks to understand parents' perspectives of the SEEDS curriculum on early childhood literacy to determine the level of their awareness and understanding of the curriculum, their perspectives on the benefits of the curriculum and its effectiveness on their child's learning. The effectiveness of the SEEDS Early Literacy program also relies, to a certain extent, on the involvement of parents to support literacy development practices in the home. Through understanding parents' perspectives on early literacy development at the Community Child Development Center, it should be possible to better understand any gaps in parent's understanding of the SEEDS program being administered by the Community Child Development Center and better understand the level of involvement of parents in their child's education at home.


SC 11.MAE.2016.Bagge.CS