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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Susan O'Connor

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Gretchen Irvine


This study attempts to gain insight into parent's perspectives on child- centered problem -solving skills, specifically the Thomas Gordon's Parent and Teacher Effectiveness Training Model. This is just one of the models currently being used across early childhood schools. When conflict arises in the classroom teachers are trained to guide the students through the problem solving process on a daily basis. This model is A Problem Solving Approach. The Problem Solving Approach is the model I interviewed parents of preschoolers in the Northwest Learning Center about. Through qualitative methods using narrative and descriptive approaches, this study investigated parents' perspectives on using a problem solving approach in an early childhood setting. It probed questions such as their view on the importance of a problem solving approach, parental understanding of this approach, and whether they saw the approach transferring into the home setting. Findings showed that the parents were aware of the problem solving approach, and each identified parts of the problem solving process, but were unsure of how the process worked fuIly. They all showed interest in learning more about the process itself, and ageed that it was beneficial for their children starting in early childhood.


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