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Open Access Thesis

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Katherine Accurso

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Jennifer Ihree


Some children often enter schools without the ability to successfully participate both socially and academically, and typically these same children that struggle participating also struggle communicating their needs that can differ from what is required of them during the school day. Because of the amount of time children spend with schools, they are recommended as a primary location for the identification and support with social, emotional, or behavioral health issues (U.S. Public Health Service, 1999). By improving children's levels of social-emotional competence through explicit instruction, it is possible to improve their levels of social-enrotional well-being and academic achievement (e.g. Nelson et al. 2003; Payton et al. 2008). The main aim of this project is to create a social skills workbook focusing on emotions and feelings that special education teachers, classroom teachers, administrators, behavioral specialists, and paraprofessionals can use to help elementary sfudents identify and describe emotions successfully within a school setting through an approach commonly used in academic instruction. This workbook is meant to provide sfudents with explicit instruction that also promotes numerous connections between the sfudent and the emotion being learned.


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