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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Dr. Edward Skarnulis, Ph. D.

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Dr. Maria Dinis, Ph. D.

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Marina Hausladen, M.S., L.S.W.


This study explores the process of self-esteem enhancement in 23 women, nine Deaf and fourteen hearing, for purposes of both individual and group comparison. The qualitative design examines material from in-depth interviews to generate themes relating to the ways in which these women have described the concept of, and enhanced, their self-esteem.

It was found that, while both Deaf and hearing women described self-esteem in conceptually-equivalent terms, a distinction was noted in specific words used by each of the two groups. A contrast was also found between the number of Deaf women who reported education as a factor in self-esteem enhancement and the number of hearing women reporting on that phenomenon, as well as the the number of Deaf women who cited language and communication as a critical component for self-esteem enhancement. Implications for social work with culturally deaf women, self-esteem work with women, and future research are discussed.


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