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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



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Vicki Olson

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Carol Enke


This study analyzes the link between students with emotional and behavioral disorders (E/BD) and their participation in sports while attending high school. Young men and women who participate in sports are positively linked in a reduction of delinquent behaviors and show an increase of making positive choices and receiving/earning good grades. Sports can instill confidence in a child, and he/she can learn to excel at something they enjoy doing and could raise this confidence participating in a sport. This is an opportunity to overcome struggles a child may be having emotionally and socially. (Ireland, 2011) Adolescents who are a part of a sports team tend to befriend others that have the same interest. It has been found that teenagers who participate in a sport were less likely to use and abuse drugs and alcohol or engage in inappropriate activities. In most schools, being involved in sports is dependent on a student's grades and their school attendance. Basically if a sfudent wants to stay a part of the team, he/she needs to study, attend their classes regularly, and stay out of trouble. Students that play sports during high school have a better chance in furthering their education, and avoid future criminality. (Moore,2011) This research takes a look at the struggles that E/BD students may face in their school setting, and indicates the positive opportunities these students could gain being involved in sports.


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