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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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Dan Hanson

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Garry Hesser


Organizational commitment (OC) is the psychological link betrveen employees and their organizations that reduces the likelihood that ernployees rvill voluntarily leave. OC is an important dimension of organization effectiveness; it has been shown to impact productivity, work performance. and rurnover. It is instructive to recognize how a leader's behavior impacts the overall stress and the organizational commitment of employees. Fifty-five administrators at a private college in the Midwest completed a 56-question electlonic survey to explore the relationship arnong leaders' behavioral scores for (1a) structure-initiation and (1b) consideration as assigned by their employees and the (2) self-reported organizational commitment levels of those employees. The hypothesis that OC was highest among employees who perceived that their supervisors exhibited higher-than-average structure-initiation and consideration behaviors was supported (Spearman's rho 0.416, p = .002). However, the strongest correlation was again present between leader Consideration behaviors and OC (Spearman's rho 0.519. p < 001).


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