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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Ann Garvey

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Tom Berkas


During the past 15 years, corporate scandals such as Enron, significant failures in the mortgage and banking industries, and the more recent economic crisis have resulted in skepticism and distrust for many of today's leaders (Erickson, 1995, Northouse,2010; May, Hodges, Chan & Avolio,2003). Numerous leadership authors have "called for a new type of genuine and values-based leadership" - Authentic leadership (Gardner, Cogliser, Davis, & Dickens, 2A11). Society wants "leaders who do not deny responsibility, hide information, and deceive others, but rather lead with authenticity and integrity" (Peus, Wesche, Streicher, Braun & Frey , 2011 , p. 331). Self-awareness is an essential component of authentic leadership (Walumbwa, Avolio, Gardner, Wernsing & Peterson, 2008). This paper will analyze and summarize the research of both concepts to create a pilot program for undergraduate students at Augsburg College. The Authentiscopeo Project (TAP) will focus on self-awareness as a step toward creating future authentic leaders.


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