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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



First Advisor

Norma Noonan


Technology has changed the way consumers' buy that has caused a shift in the traditional channels of distribution. This paper reviews the role of a giftware wholesaler and the feasibility of serving in the internet distribution by offering direct to consumer shipments. lt will identify and analyze benchmarks in fulfillment set by Amazon as well as review potential options by considering the margins of both the wholesaler and the virtual retailer. The research will conduct two experiments that connect the wholesaler in the new distribution by accommodating direct consumer shipments: 1. Engaging Amazon Corporation in selling the wholesalers product and shipping direct to their customer. 2. Offering a conservative drop ship program to internet retailers. This paper will also address leadership issues that were prevalent in the wholesaler's organization and identify necessary change as the organization prepares to build for the future.


SC 11.MAL.2012.Kroll.GAC