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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)

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Elizabeth Madson Ankeny

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Chris Brown


Kindergartners bring a lot of energy to a school. In order to help kindergartners adjust into the schooling process, teachers discover the best way to motivate the students. The purpose of the research was to examine methods of instruction in an art teacher's classroom, specifically art centers and large group instructiou, from kindergarten students' perspectives. Using qualitative research methods such as interviews and direct observations, an art teacher compared two instructional methods-art centers and whole group instruction in a kindergarten art room. After qualitative data analysis, embedded in grounded theory four themes emerged: the classroom, misbehaviors in the art center, behaviors during large group instructiou and the art of happiness. The results of the study indicated that students misbehaved more often during art centers yet retained a preference for art centers. During whole group instruction misbehaviors decreased and positive behaviors increased. Recommendations included: art teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to engage students, including both art centers and large group instruction; teachers should provide time in the classroom for the students to voice their opinions about how they like to learn; and use that information to guide teacher instruction.


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