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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Music Therapy (MMT)


Music Therapy

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Juyoung Lee


This study aims to investigate the impact of music therapy on nonverbal and verbal communication behaviors of a 13 year old male diagnosed with autism. A single-case study design was used, collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. Qualitative data included analysis of the clinician/ researcher’s session notes and personal reflections over six months. Video recordings of three sessions in the last two months of the treatment were collected as quantitative data. The client’s nonverbal and verbal behaviors in the recorde sessions were assessed by the clinician/researcher and her supervisor using an assessment tool designed by the researcher. Quantitative results indicated a distinct increase in the client’s nonverbal and verbal behaviors over the course of eight weeks, which was corroborated by the qualitative analysis. Results suggest that music therapy positively impacted the client’s nonverbal and verbal behavior by providing the client with ample opportunities to engage in non-invasive and client directed music experiences and promoted a positive therapeutic relationship with the researcher.


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