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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




The purpose of this study was to measure the ethical climate of a major Army Reserve Command (ARCOU). This is a significant study in light of the recent changes the Army Reserve, and the military in greneral , has been reguired to make. The study looks to determine whether or not changes such as downsizing, unit inactivations and cutbacks in personnel and funding have influenced the ethical climate of the organization. The Integrity Audit Survey was the instrument used in the study. Nine subordinate companies of 382 soldiers were surveyed. The results were measured against the six factors of the Model of Organizational Integrity and the components and values of the Professional Army Ethic (PAE). Comparisons were made between the ethical perceptions of officers and enlisted personnel, males and females and subordinate companies. OveraII, the statistics indicated a relatively strong ethical climate within the ARCOU and the changes the organization is experiencing seem to be having an insignificant impact. The ARCOU scored well in four of the six factors. Solving ethical problems directly and reflectively and valuing stakeholder perspectives were areas which the ARCOM could improve on.


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