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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, unhealthy eating and inactivity cause any where from 310,000 to 580,000 deaths every year. How and what a child eats today will have a significant impact on his/her health throughout adolescence and adulthood. Consuming nutritious foods helps children grow, develop, do well academically and also prevents health issues, such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, nutrient deficiencies and poor bone health. A project to empower middle school children to make healthy food choices was designed. An after school educational “Health Fair” was created using the theoretical framework of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. This Health Fair created the opportunity for children to learn the basic food groups and the recommendations for daily intake for their age group. The children learned how to create some simple meals using the recommended guidelines. Teaching children the importance of good nutrition throughout childhood will provide the foundation for a healthier more fulfilling life.


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