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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Laura Boisen

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Maria Dinis

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Mark Moser


Job satisfaction can have personal and professional effects on social workers as well as the quality of service provided to clients. Structural variables such as supervision or role ambiguity may effect job satisfaction, but the intensity to which it effects the social worker may be different from setting to setting. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the contribution of selected factors associated with job satisfaction in two different settings. The research design for this exploratory study, is a cross-sectional mailed survey. A random sample of 75 social workers in host settings and primary settings were sent surveys. A comparative analysis of the data was completed utilizing non-parametric statistics. The majority of social workers in both settings were satisfied with their job, however, specific factors were found to effect job satisfaction differently in host and primary settings.


SC 11.MSW.1998.Busche.LA

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