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The purpose of this exploratory/descriptive study is to explore the variables associated with the uderrepresentation of African-American families in Minneapolis transitional housing programs. This underrepresentation is notable given the fact that African-American families were overrepresented in Twin City Metro Area emergency shelters. The Twin City Metro Area includes the city of Minneapolis. Lastly, homeless single parent families headed by women are the fastest growing segment within the homeless population, and urban homeless families are disproportionately African-Americans. The methodology involves conducting phone interviews with key informants from the Minneapolis transitional housing community. The collected data will cover three categories: (1) 1994 program statistics and guidelines, (2) 1994 programmatic activies and guidelines, and (3) 1994 characteristics of program applicants and residents. For feasibility reasons all of the transitional housing programs in Minneapolis were not included in this study.


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