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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Carol F. Kuechler

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Sharon K. Patten

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Lynda V. Bennett


Adolescent females hove criticol needs specificolly related to their psychosocial development. This study examines important factors to consider when providing gender specific services for female adolescents, Members of the Minnesota Adolescent Female Subcommittee of the Advisory Task Force on the Femole Offender in Corrections were surveyed to submit o definition of gender specific programming and using the Q-sort method, to prioritize 23 factors considered important to females, The Q-sorted factors were analyzed and categorized by level of importance. Through integration of information from the literature review ond this research study, the following definition of gender specific programming wos developed: "Comprehensive programming which addresses and supporfs fhe psychosociol developmental process of female adolescents while fostering connection within relationship in the context of a safe and nurturing environment."


SC 11.MSW.1996.Lindgren.SJ

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