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The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the needs of students who attend Plymouth Christian Youth Center's (PCYC) alternative junior high school, which is located in North Minneapolis. Previous research indicates that students who attend alternative schools may be dealing with a multitude of issues, and therefore, have a wide array of needs which must be addressed. Due to the unique characteristics of alternative schools, these school environments seem to more efficiently meet the needs of their students. Existing literature suggests that when students' needs are met, their school experience will be more satisfying and successful.

Data for this study was gathered during face to face interviews with fourteen junior high students between the ages of 13 and 15. Questions focused on how well PCYC was addressing students physiological, safety, belonging and self-esteem needs, as well as allowing students' to provide feedback on how PCYC can better meet their needs. The findings indicate that PCYC students believe that their physiological and belonging needs are adequately being met at school. In addition, the finding suggest that PCYC may want to utilize existing program strengths and resources in order to more effectively address student needs with respect to safety and esteem.


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