Date of Award


Document Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Lisa Van Getson, APRN, DNP, FNP-C

Second Advisor

Brianna Darcy, DNP, APRN, DNP


There are barriers to offering patients, of any age, disease prevention and health management tools in the current healthcare model. This healthcare model allows time for diagnosing and treating, but often does not give time for prevention and health maintenance. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the necessity and feasibility of offering a tool to teach pediatric patients to cope and maintain their mental health and wellbeing using mindfulness activities. To evaluate parental perceptions of quality of life and mindfulness of their children this author will create a short survey, administer a validated questionnaire, and create materials to teach mindfulness activities to an elementary age population with the goal of providing this population with a proven preventative self-care tool. The concept of health in Watson's Theory of Human Caring helped develop the advanced practice nursing intervention of mindfulness in the scholarly project. Developmental evaluation and qualitative inquiry research were methods used to conduct the scholarly project. The finding upon reviewing the survey answers was that most children already practiced mindfulness to some degree, but seventy percent of parents were agreeable to a mindfulness activity being incorporated to their child's Well Child Visit with a primary care provider.


SC 11.DNP.2022.Nelson.J