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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Sharon Patten

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Mary Whitman


This exploratory study exarnined the attribution of blame in father-daughter incest cases by surveying the perceptions of 100 social workers and case aides. The random sample of 74 women and 26 men were mailed a self-repoft survey packet including two Likert-type, ordinal level scales: The Jackson Incest Blame Scale (JIBS) which measured offender, victim, societal and situational factors; and the JEL Blame Scale which measured mother blame. With a response rate of 30Vr, findings were reported in the median and mode. JIBS findings indicated most blame was aftributed to the offender, little to the victim, with varying amounts of blame to societal and situational factors. JEL Blame Scale findings indicated some blame was attributed to the mother. Findings also supported feminists' perspectives encouraging social workers and researchers to redefine and reframe perceptions of rnother blame, and develop or refine measurement tools to empirically study mother blame.


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