Date of Award


Document Type

Restricted Access Thesis

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Lisa Van Getson, APRN, DNP, FNP-C

Second Advisor

Brianna Darcy, DNP, APRN, CNS


Hmong people have double the diagnosis of mental illness as compared to the United States population. Due to the high prevalence of mental illness among Hmong people, there is a need to address mental health among Hmong elders. The prevalence of mental illness among Hmong people suggested a need for alternative measures for stress reduction intervention. Meditation is a non-invasive measure that reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. The practice of meditation has been found to have a positive impact on stress reduction and mental illness. Mindfulness meditation creates self-awareness that influences how the individual interacts or becomes mindful of the “self.” Jean Watson’s (2008) Human Caring Theory provides a foundation for the project. The purpose of this scholarly project is to introduce mindfulness meditation to Hmong elders to help reduce stress and anxiety and optimize mental wellness. This scholarly project implemented mindfulness meditation to 11 Hmong elders, resulting in reduced stress, anxiety and optimized mental health through self-awareness. Mindfulness meditation is a noninvasive practice that can be implemented in daily nursing practice as an intervention to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


SC 11.DNP.2022.Thao.MN