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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)



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Joyce P. Miller DNP, RN

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Deborah Schuhmacher DNP, RN

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Deborah Delgado, DNP, RN


The creation of an inclusive environment is essential in health care. Therefore, this paper describes the development of an educational project to achieve a more inclusive nursing culture with registered nurse case managers at a large Midwest teaching hospital. This project sets forth the goal of establishing and discussing diversity and inclusion education by proposing a model with reflection, learning, and growth as self- sustaining practices in an ongoing cycle of praxis with Chinn and Kramer’s emancipatory knowing. Over the course of a year, monthly modules will be taught by a facilitator who will encourage discussion and reflection on various topics, skills, and issues related to diversity and inclusion. The aim is for participants to be enabled to build a new unit culture through the recognition and expansion of their personal and collective patterns using the theoretical framework of Margaret Newman’s Health as Expanding Consciousness. Registered nurse case managers will be able to add new skills and concepts over time to make a stronger, more diverse pattern of reflection, experience, and identity in their nursing practice. In turn, this new pattern fosters recognition of a patient’s individual needs and encourages informed and compassionate care for all patients. The provided care then respects the impact of their backgrounds, experiences, and identity on their needs as patients. Only with this continuous reflection and pursuit of broad perspectives can the registered nurse case manager hope to become genuinely inclusive of all.


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