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Restricted Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




Like many new immigrants in the United States, the Hmong still struggle to adjust to

laws and regulations in America. The Hmong culture clashes with the American culture and customs, partly due to their strong traditional clan leadership (kinship) structure, and the acculturation of a culture retained for thousands of years since the 1800s and before migration from China (Hamilton-Merritt, 1999). The adaptation of foreign laws, regulations, and culture present instability in the Hmong community and prevent forward movement. As the young Hmong lose their identity, the challenge of providing leadership and direction to the younger and elder Hmong community becomes challenging. This action research project focuses on elaborating and creating a set of essential recommendations regarding the Hmong clan leadership system and traditional Hmong culture to anyone interested in becoming a leader in the Hmong community. The clan leadership and traditional culture of the Hmong people are intertwined; a person cannot have one without the other. This project may provide the necessary tools, skills, and understanding of the Hmong clan leadership structure and traditional culture for individuals to better serve and lead the Hmong community.


SC 11.MAL.2018.Lee.D