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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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John Benson


While reading Servant. Leadershio by Robert GreenLeaf arid otsher studies on servanE. leadership, the idea of comparing Jesus, life to servant leadership becane an area of int,erest. lltre leadership style of ifesus seemed to be a good area for my research given my interesE in religion and nry course work in leadership education. Having thought. of ,Jesus only in t.erms of a religious figrure, iE was exciting for me to explore his life and message from a different perspect,ive. This paper is wriE.ten not as Ehe ulE,imate Ereatise on religion. because I doubt that will ever be writ.ten, but rather to stimulate and cont,ribut.e to dialogue about the crit.ical issue of servant leadership in our times. My perspective is that of a student, who is in a leadership program. What I have to share abouE servant leadership is largely what I have gleaned from e>q>erience, both my ovm and others, and from reading leadership literature. I will be looking at three different models of leadership, which are servant, leadership, chariEmaEic leadership and transformational leadership. It. is ny contention that current leadership materials of today can help evangelical Chrj.stians beE,ter underst,and what. sort of leader ,Jesus was and was not. Most minist.ers try to folIow afesus' example when they lead their congregations. But. some don't do it, very weIl. They could learn something about Jesus as a model of leadership from a s tsudy of some current leadership models such as Greenleaf, Burns and Weber. Ttris we wil-l demonstsraEe in this paper.


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