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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Joyce Miller


Nurses recognize that access to healthcare for marginalized individuals prevents some from utilizing western medicine basic health services. People living in the margins can experience difficult encounters to healthcare as a system and a culture. Providers in Scott County that offer access to the marginalized are referred to as safety net services, lack individual choice, resource coordination, or a health partnership with individuals struggling in their daily lives. public Health Nurses recognize the need for intentional collaboration among providers. This project began with a Hispanic individual who had accessed all safety net providers in Scott County and still was not receiving adequate healthcare in our system. Hispanic Americans are the single fastest growing minority population in the United States. Many of these individuals will not have access to adequate health care access. Safety net providers in Scott County came together to identify strengths, assess gaps, and coordinate services to improve individuals healthcare based on their cultural needs. The concepts of caring and culture care based on Leininger's theory, accompaniment, and honoríng others beliefs, values, and lifeways have guided this project to meet the needs of individuals living in the margins. The lived experiences of synthesizing and constructing these concepts into praxis have demonstrated advancing nursing practice. The outcome was an improved process for assisting individuals to receive effective care in a culturally, respectful manner. The development of the client referral form resulted in 54 clients from the mobile health unit making care decisions. Over one hundred individuals avoided unnecessary emergency room treatment through the collaboration of the Safety Net providers.


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