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Restricted Access Capstone

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Political Science

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Andrew Aoki, PhD


Between the 1960s-1970s, the United States was dominated by social movement. The state of Minnesota was no different, as many of the conditions that were experienced nationwide were prevalent in this state. One of these impactful movements in the state was the Twin Cities Chicano Movement, as they constructed a new foundation for Mexicans across the state. It is not discussed much in the national scholarship, but its importance cannot be understated as its actions impacted Mexicans across the Midwest region. It was unlike other Midwestern Chicano Movements, as the Chicano Movements of Minneapolis and St. Paul began as a response to their own conditions-- with St. Paul responded to the destruction of the West Side Flats and Minneapolis as a multifaceted response-- and each city developed unprecedented organizations and services in their regions. These services included bilingual medical services, bicultural social organizations, and the development of the first Department of Chicano Studies in the Midwest, at the University of Minnesota. The Twin Cities Chicano Movements transformed the life of Mexicans in Minnesota, and created new political, economic, and social pathways for all Latinos.