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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Art History


The presence of a city in the landscape of a painting is something that has been seen over the centuries from around the world in many different cultures. The reason for the city's appearance in the background can usually be determined by historical records that document the city's likeness around the time it was painted, as well as other specific reasons from a patron's requests. With this said, the painted works of the artist The Master of Saint Lucy Legend, includes the city of Bruges during the late 1400's to the beginning of 1500's in the backgrounds. His works frequently show the city during this time period. The city is reproduced in each of his paintings almost or completely identical to the others. In this paper I will try to uncover why the view of Bruges from the early 1500's is so important in the majority of the paintings attributed to The Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy. Was he commissioned by patrons and merchants of textiles who had a significant interest with having the city shown on multiple occasions during the periods betweenl4T0 to 1510, or was the artist doing work for the free market while documenting the progress of the city at the same time over the course of Bruges being built?