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Legacy can be viewed as a summary of life. Legacy develops over a lifetime and changes and grows as one ages. How do retired nurses view their legacy? This paper looks at a select group of five female retired nurses and how each views her legacy at this time in life. Each was a professional nurse, and each is fully retired. Imogene King’s Goal Attainment Theory discusses the concepts of self and role. Through individual conversations, each retired nurse shares her life story of self and the roles she held during her working years. Literature yields little information about this cohort of post- professionals. This project provides a deeper understanding of how retired nurses view their individual legacies and thus presents a new source of information that is meaningful for the discipline. Retirement is a time to reflect on the facets of their individual lives from the perspective of an elder and to look from the past to the present to summarize their lives. The concepts of self and role describe how nurses live and work; how they are successful and attain goals they set for themselves, and how they view the many facets of their lives. How one perceives self and one’s role in life, when combined, ultimately becomes one's legacy.


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