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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




Three issues related to workforce needs challenge the health care industry in the 21st century. Minimizing the escalation of health care costs, a generation of Baby Boomers nearing retirement and Medicare ages, and technological advances requiring new skills, all test the abilities, strategy and vision of today's health care leaders.

Four primary objectives are presented in this paper: (a) describe the current and near-future health care environment in the United States; (b) review various leadership theories and models focusing on employee learning and development; (c) review recent literature, studies, and practices related to the topic of lifelong learning and workforce development; (d) conduct and summarize a survey of health care organizations to measure and compare current training and developmental opportunities available for employees.

A key to meeting successfully today's health care challenges as well as individual and organizational goals is the development and growth of employees. Through use of a variety of training and educational methods, leaders must provide new knowledge and skills to an aging workforce. With leadership and employees committed to the same goals and strategies, an economically viable business will be established that meets organizational, employee and customer needs


SC 11.MAL.2005.Anderson.MD