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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)




In the next ten years, the so-called Baby Boomer generation will be entering traditional retirement age and could potentially leave the work force in large numbers. Implications are clear that by 2010, many Boomers will need to be replaced by middle-aged and younger workers. Indications point to a significant projected labor shortage.

Previous research reveals that few CEO's recognize future labor issues as a pending management challenge. The objective of this research was to survey the human resources personnel at some of the best companies to work for and see if they are ramping up for potential labor shortages and if they are looking to the older knowledge worker skills. Older knowledge workers are those workers that are educated and/or know things through experience and association and usually know more about the work that needs to be done than their bosses or anyone else in the organization, to fill the gap.

Fifty randomly selected companies were surveyed and only 4 percent of the surveyed companies responded to the survey. The response rate leads this researcher to believe that few human resource personnel recognize a potential future older knowledge worker shortage labor shortage as a current priority management challenge.


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