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Spring 3-1995

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


In an effort to contain costs and increase accessibility to health care coverage, Minnesota has begun to transfer medical assistance recipients into Health Maintenance Organizations. This research project explores this change in funding and its impact on the provision of family preservation services. This project focuses on the characteristics of family preservation programs, their effectiveness at teaching families the skills needed to stay together, and the limited mental health care coverage provided under group health plans and its impact on service utilization. Twenty-three family therapists and mental health practitioners, along with three program administrators representing three family preservation programs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota were interviewed in order to assess their perception of the impact of the funding source on the provision of family preservation services. Study findings indicate that the perceptions of the effect of the change from traditional medical assistance funding to managed health care funding on the delivery of family preservation services are less negative when the program has other sources of funding to access.


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