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Restricted Access Thesis

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Nursing is a profession full of challenges. The hardships within nursing can lead to work-related stress, which cause nurses to experience burn-out symptoms. This can ultimately affect nurse’s work performance. The integration of self-care practices in a quiet space may contribute to reducing stress, improving relaxation and self-renewal of nurses. A quiet space, called a Caritas Room, will be implemented on a Transitional Care Unit (TCU). Jean Watson’s human caring science will serve as a model for this project. Several different healing modalities for staff to use will be implemented in the Caritas room. A comprehensive literature review of the importance of stress reduction for nurses will help support this Scholarly Project. Nursing staff on a Transitional Care Unit are introduced to a room that provides space for self-care healing practices. When nurses use these self-care healing practices, they can reach inner consciousness, thus providing a higher level of care to others. The academic and clinical approach throughout the entire process of this scholarly project was described. The evaluation process plan is formulated and explained. The significance of this Scholarly project was identified. The eight DNP Essentials were described and identified throughout this Scholarly Project and the description of how this Scholarly Project will be integrated in the future of clinical practice was explored.