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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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David Lapakko

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Gary Hesser

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David Rodborne


This study was designed explore the importance and increase of corporate social responsibility and determine what response level of behavior and actions select Minnesota based organizations are currently practicing using the model and measurements of S. Prakash Sethi's "Dimensions of Corporate Social Performance: An Analytical Framework."

The results of my research show that the majority of the Minnesota organizations surveyed claim to be currently practicing at least proscriptive or reactive levels of behavior and action. More organizations claimed their behavior and actions as preventative in regard to their ethical norms, social accountability, and operating strategy than the other dimensions. One organization describes their actions and behaviors as preventative in seven out of the eight dimensions.

The topic of corporate social responsibility will continue to evolve and be an argument in process until we can clearly measure the input and results of those organizations that show leadership in this area. We can celebrate those organizations that are judged to be acceptable and learn from those that make mistakes. We can only hope that as someone steps away from the plate of accountability, another entity wilt step forth in the crusade to increase the progress of society and our community.


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