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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)




The intent of this field project was to develop an educational model to enhance nursing leadership skills and promote professionalism of nurses at the bedside. The project consisted of analysis of the literature to support the need for further leadership development of nurses. The proposed model was based on concepts and application of transformational leadership in nursing, and Ernest Boyer's (1990) framework of scholarship as it relates to professionalism. This model also utilized Benner's (1984) From Novice to Expert model as a framework for the educational design where by skills are acquired through experiential learning with actual practice situations.

An assumption of the outcomes of this field project is that through transformational nursing leadership development, seeds of change will be planted and produce a shift toward greater nursing professionalism and a change in the institutional nursing culture. Both qualitative and quantitative measures are proposed to evaluate the pre and post educational experience, related to the demonstration of knowledge of leadership concepts, the application of leadership skills and the promotion of greater professionalism in the nursing practice environment.


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