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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Michael Schock

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Edward Skarnulius

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Joseph Clubb


Research has focused on battered women's safety needs which are supportive of women leaving their abusive partners. Despite the established intervention techniques and the availability of concrete support services, a high percentage of women will remain in or return to violent homes. A gap in research surrounds the emotional attachments and the lack of intrapersonal support for battered women, which would provide them with a process to heal from the abuse. Through an exploratory method, this study designed an easy-to-use measurement tool to assess the loss and grief battered women experience. Qualitative interviews were conducted of practitioners in the design and evaluation of the too[. The grieving process of battered women is framed in five phases: shock, awareness of loss, withdrawal, healing -- the turning point, and renewal. This self-assessment tool comprises 40 items and is combined with brief descriptions of the characteristics of these phases.


SC 11.MSW.1997.Eisele.SA

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