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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Lisa vanGetson


The prevalence of stress-related physical and psychological diseases is continually increasing. Underserved children have a high risk for developing stress-related conditions as a result of multiple social, physiological, and environmental factors. This DNP/FNP scholarly project focuses on the stress-reducing effects of the integrative therapies of yoga, meditation, music, and mindfulness. A program includes concepts of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and music listening to provide children with low-cost coping techniques that help combat the ill effects of stress in their lives. It was implemented in Rochester, MN. Participant reactions were favorable, as well as evaluations by faculty at the place of implementation. This scholarly project follows guidelines for doctoral education of advanced practice nurses as well as national guidelines for health promotion and disease prevention. It is embedded in Jean Watson's human caring theory. It may be applied to daily DNP/FNP practice as an integrative therapy for the use in anxiety, ADHD, depression, and emotional behavioral disorders. It is a great recommendation for low-impact, strengthening exercise.


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