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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education (MAE)



First Advisor

Joseph Erickson

Second Advisor

Ron Petrich

Third Advisor

James Trelstad-Porter


This study will investigate the role of the admissions counselor in influencing an international student to attend Augsburg College. Previous research has indicated that factors such as a student's knowledge of a host country, perceived quality of education, and scholarship awards are determining factors in the college selection process, but very little research has examined what role the international recruiter plays in this process. The number of academic institutions which international students can choose from are varied and numerous, making the role of the international recruiter key in the recruitment process. This research indicates that the admissions counselor can play a pivotal role in an international student's decision to attend a particular academic institution, leading to long term benefits such as increased enrollment, a stronger alumni base, and a stronger reputation as a place of higher learning in the international education market


SC 11.MAE.2006.Machado.M