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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)



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Norma Noonan

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Lucinda Husk-Claeys


Women have made significant progress eliminating the equality gap with men in many areas. The one area with a persistent gap is pay. The gender wage ratio is about 81.2%. The median weekly earnings for women is about $669, compared with $824 per week for men (Hegewisch, Williams, & Henderson, 2011). The gender wage gap has an impact on women, families, and employers. It is important for leaders to understand some of the reasons for the wage gap and the impacts and be equipped to address them. The Situational Leadership theory is one tool that is available to leaders to help them address this problem. The theory uses an approach to leadership that advocates that leaders understand their own style and behavior, the behavior of their subordinates, and the situation before utilizing a particular leadership style. It is the interaction between the leader and the follower in a given situation.


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