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Open Access Thesis

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Diane Pike


The plan of this study is twofold. It reviews the leadership of Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser through the initiatives for children and their families he has proposed and implemented, and it attempts todetermine whether the corporate model of "change master" as formulated by Rosabeth l(anter is applicable to Fraser as a political leader seeking to effect institutional change. Can Kanter's corporate model be applied to entities outside the coqporate structure, paficularly in politics and goverrrment?

This case study involves an analysis of Kanter's "five forces"- departure from traditiory galvanizlng event, strategic decisions, prime movers and action vehicles--and the ways in which Fraser's efforts do or do not relate to them. The study condudes that social problems require intervention, that various irrstitutions need to revise their responses to critical social issues, and that elected officials can be "change masters" in much the same way as leaders are in the corporate environment.

The study does not discuss the root causes of social change, the motives of Fraser's supporters or oppositiory the success or failure of individual programs or their appropriateness. Information for the study was obtained from personal interviews with key staff and other participating individuals, research of goverrunent documents and news reports, and a personal log of events as they trnfolded.


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