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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

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Glenda Dewberry-Rooney

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Carol Kuechler

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Coleen Gregor


Adolescent pregnancy continues to rise in the western world, as does the poverty in which these young women and their children live. Proposed policies responding to unmarried pregnant or parenting adolescents include "The Personal Responsibility Act", "The GOP Iradership Welfare Reform Bill', "The Real Welfare Reform Act", and "The Welfare and Teenage Pregnancy Reduction Act". The purpose of this study is to analyze proposed legislation for welfare reform in the state of Minnesota. This legislation is designed to restructure Aid to Families with Dependent Children guidelines as they relate to pregnant and parenting minors. Results of the analysis indicate that assistance continues to be provided to unmarried adolescent mothers through this legislation when there is compliance with two requirements - the minor mother must live at home with her parent and the Aid to Families with Dependent Children assistance check is delivered directly to the minor parent's parent. This thesis examines these policy requirements in the context of historical and contemporary perceptions of unmarried adolescent mothers. The role and function of social work practice implied in the policy is also discussed.


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