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Restricted Access Thesis

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MS in Physician Assistant Studies (PA)


Physician Assistant Studies

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Ryane Lester, MPAS, PA-C


Background: Chronic tendinopathies result from overuse of the tendon and degradation due to lack of blood supply.1 Many cases will resolve with physical therapy alone, but some require additional treatments. With the new research on platelet rich plasma (PRP) there has been hope of using PRP for tendon pathology. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze the efficacy of PRP on chronic tendinopathies.

Methods: A search was conducted with the use of PubMed and Google Scholar to identify articles comparing platelet rich plasma in the treatment of chronic tendinopathies. There were four specific tendinopathies of interest; Patellar tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy, Rotator Cuff tendinopathy, and Lateral Epicondylitis. An interview with Dr. Holmes of Twin Cities Orthopedics was performed with emphasis on current clinical outcomes with the use of PRP. Results: For all four tendinopathies included in this literature review, the research was in favor of the use of PRP on those cases that have failed initial treatments. It was noted that it is difficult to draw a conclusion in many of these articles as the PRP preparation is not consistent across studies.

Conclusion: Majority of the literature advised that more research is still needed on PRP. Many articles have concluded that PRP is a promising option as it has minimal complications. With the chronic nature of these tendinopathies and the difficulty some patients have in finding a treatment for their pain, it was concluded that PRP is a viable option prior to the consideration of surgical intervention.


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